Meet Lucid.

Lucid Algo is a powerful algorithm that gives you advanced, real time signals along with several other trading tools.

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Buy & Sell Algorithm

Momentum Detection

Our Mission

Many traders fail because they get too wrapped up in their emotions and noisy charts. Our goal is to help you eliminate the emotions and trade like a robot.

Why Lucid?

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How Does it Work?

Once you see a buy or sell signal, consider taking a position in that direction. You can use our additional tools to confirm the signal and make your trade.


I m using it now like it very helps me with trading

Mark B.

I have tried some systems. this is the best for scalping I use 10 sensitivity and operate in 10 minutes

Jose A.

Oh yea it works!!!!!

Adam L.

What You Get:

✔ Access to all our premium indicators

✔ Real time signals & alerts

✔ Quick, easy setup w/ 24/7 support

✔ Free lifetime updates

✔ Cancel at any time

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