I just subscribed, how do I get set up?

Awesome! There are directions on how to set up Lucid on our Getting Started page.


What sensitivity should I use?

Sensitivity is generally up to you and whatever you find to make signals most clear, but here's a general guide you should follow:

For 5 min timeframes and below, we recommend a sensitivity around 14.

For 15 min - 30 min timeframes, we recommend a sensitivity around 16.

For 1 hour timeframe, we recommend a sensitivity around 18.

For 2 hour timeframes and up, we recommend a sensitivity around 20.

These are intended to be used with Heikin Ashi candles, as that is the type that Lucid was designed around. For regular candle types, a lower sensitivity is generally recommended.

Again, don't take these suggestions literally. If you see clearer signals on another sensitivity, don't hesitate to use it!


I don't like the color scheme. How can I change it?

You can change the color scheme in the indicator settings. On your chart, click the gear icon next to the Lucid Algo indicator. Then go to style, and customize to your liking!


How can I cancel my subscription?

To cancel, just go to your account page > manage subscriptions > click on your subscription number > cancel. Keep in mind that if you cancel manually, you will have access to Lucid until the end of the period you've last paid for.


How can I get my charts to look clean?

While Lucid does most of the work on its own, you can also make some changes to your TradingView chart settings for a cleaner look. Here are some things we like to do:

- Turn on Heikin Ashi candles.

- Turn off candle borders.

- Make all candle wicks gray.

- Disable current, pre, and post market lines.


The reversal bands compress the chart. How can I get rid of this?

Simple fix! Just double click the price scale so it's not all compressed into the window. You can click and drag to move the view, or double click to compress again.


What happens if the price changes in the future?

Don't worry! Once you get in, you're locked in for good at that price unless you cancel.


What happens if a new version of Lucid is released?

You'll get automatic access! We'll alert you via the "Ideas Stream" tab in TradingView, and all you'll have to do is remove and re-add Lucid to your charts to get the most updated version.



For any additional questions, feel free to contact us at